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Taking a trip or working an extra long shift shouldn't have to create a dilemma! A Dog's Dilemma offers a variety of in-home pet care services. I perform complimentary Meet & Greets with all new clients. I'll spend time addressing any questions or concerns you might have while getting to know your pet and understanding their needs.

See the menu below or book a service by calling 203-687-0987.



Perfect for up to 2 pets/small animals. Includes let out/litter change or clean-up, cage clean-up, meals, medications, and TLC.


Perfect for up to 2 pets. $5 for each additional pet. Includes walks, meals, medications, and TLC.


Unlimited pets. Includes extended walks/yard play, meals, medication, and snuggle time.


Overnight stay from 10pm-5am. Includes late night let out, morning meals/water, medication, and lots of TLC and snuggles! (Also watering of plants, mail/paper pick-up, trash to curb.)

*$50 = up to 2 pets; $65 = unlimited pets

All visits include photo/video/text updates to mom/dad! 


Aside from pet sitting, A Dog's Dilemma offers a variety of other services to help avoid a dilemma when you're not at home:

Trips to the Vet $45

(Wed., Fri. after 2pm, Sat.)

Boarding Transport $35

(One way. Includes a 15-minute visit.)

Daycare/Grooming drop off/pick up $20

(One way.)


Client Referral PROGRAM

Receive 20% off your next visit!

New Adoption Discount

Receive 50% off* your first 15, 30, or 60-minute visit!

I'm a huge supporter of animal rescue therefore it would be my pleasure to offer a discount to any animal recently adopted from a shelter or rescue. (*Discount applies to service within 6 months of adoption. Please provide proof of adoption.)  

Complimentary Food Delivery

For my regular clients, I offer the courtesy of delivering your pet's food directly to your home at no additional cost. If you're interested in food delivery, please contact The Cheshire Cat and Dog, Too to set up your account. 


Monday - Sunday 5:00am - 10:00pm


Servicing a 15-mile radius from the Meriden Area including, but not limited to:
Berlin, Southington, Cheshire, Wallingford, Middletown, and Middlefield

Clients outside of service area subject to travel fee.

Appointment times may vary up to an hour earlier or an hour later than desired time. 

Full payment due on the day service(s) begins (cash, check, or Venmo).

Additional $10 fee applies to any service(s) performed on a major holiday. Ask for details.



You may cancel your service up to 24 hours in advance. If cancellation is made within less than 24 hours, you will be responsible for 50% of the service. Originally booked hours and days are non-refundable once scheduled bookings have begun.

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My Story

I’ve always been an animal lover but, when I moved to Newington, CT in 2011, I decided it was time to actually get involved. As I researched local shelters, I became deeply saddened over just how many animals were homeless. Even worse were the countless stories of abuse and neglect. Being a pet mom to seven dogs and four cats (yes, that's 11 pets!), I felt a deep desire to get out there and make a difference in any way I possibly could. So I began to volunteer for an organization called Dog Days, which hosted a variety of amazing adoption events. Feeling inspired through my work at Dog Days, I kicked up my search for even more volunteer opportunities.

A Dog Named George

One day, through a friend’s Facebook post, I read about a dog who lived his long days and nights outside. I placed numerous calls to the Animal Control Officer of the town he was in until something was done to help this forgotten pup. Eventually he was taken into safety by the Wallingford Animal Control

An American Bulldog Mix by the name of George … this little guy stole my heart. During his time at the shelter, we developed a very special connection … and I made it my mission to find him a home! When the day finally came, I was overjoyed and knew that I wanted to take on a more personal role in the lives of the animals I helped. I deeply enjoyed my time at the shelter … it felt like home. I eventually began assisting with their Facebook page and even took the lead on performing home visits to ensure each animal was placed in a safe and caring environment.

Sadly, George is no longer with us … but his memory is a constant reminder that my work is never done. 

The Next Chapter

After my Dachshund, Daisy, was diagnosed with cancer I decided to explore the field of veterinary medicine. I enrolled in a five month course at Middlesex Community College and participated in rotations at Pieper Memorial in Middletown. It was during this time, I received more devastating news … another one of my beloved Doxies, Bandit, had developed cancer. After completing my coursework to become a Certified Vet Assistant, I put any further aspirations on hold in order to spend as much time as possible with them during the final months of their lives.  

The grief and heartache I felt over losing my pets was indescribable. However, it helped me validate a purpose I always knew I had … to love, cherish, and save innocent animals.

A Dog's Dilemma

A Dog’s Dilemma encompasses everything I am at heart. An animal lover. A helper. An extremely hard worker. And a trustworthy friend. Whether it’s taking your dog for a long walk while you’re at work or making sure your cat gets TLC while you go away for a long weekend, I will take the absolute best care of your pet(s) at the times when you can’t.

If you’re in need of in-home pet care, I’d love to chat. Because taking a trip or working an extra long shift should not have to create a dilemma.

- Kimberly



"All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by."
Rainbow Bridge 


  • Veterinary Asst. Owned
  • CPR / First Aid Certified
  • Insured and Bonded
  • Veterinarian Recommended (view here)



"I initially met Kimberly when she adopted a kitten from the shelter I used to work at in Middletown. She instantly fell in love with Benjamin Buttons, and I could already tell that the little guy was going to be loved and extremely well cared for until the end of his days. Even after Kimberly had adopted him, he had chronic digestive issues. Which were, I'm sure, frustrating to deal with but she never once complained about him. She went above and beyond for him until she found a solution, and thankfully his medical conditions are now under control. Most people would have given up and returned a less than perfect kitten.

Several years later, I was hired at Wallingford Animal Control as the shelter manager and Animal Control Officer. Kimberly had recently started volunteering there so it was a great feeling knowing the shelter was already equipped with such a committed and loving volunteer!

In the last four years that I have been working at the shelter, Kimberly has become a dear friend of mine. She has been an active volunteer at our shelter, always being an advocate for our adoptable pets. She invests an incredible amount of time and energy into making sure our animals are being placed into appropriate and loving forever homes. She conducts our home visits and is always an exceptional resource to our adopters for advice in regards to everything from what type of food to feed to basic veterinary questions. In fact, Kimberly continuously keeps an open dialogue with adopters to ensure our adopted animals are still doing well, even years later. That's no easy task as we have placed many, many animals in the last four years!

When Kimberly told me she was starting her own petsitting business, I actually told her it was a bad idea ... but hear me out ...

Kimberly has an impeccable attention to detail. She's a perfectionist. Her own pets receive nothing but the best of the best and are closely monitored to ensure all is well with them 100% of the time. They are never left alone for more than a few hours, as that is simply unacceptable to her. Of course, these are positive attributes! However, I just didn't know how this would work in a pet sitting environment. Then I realized that I was being completely ridiculous. Kimberly can do ANYTHING and I am confident that she will take care of other's pets just as she would her own. For that alone, she will be successful. I for one, would trust her implicitly with my pets.

-Katie Ehlers
Wallingford Animal Control Officer

"I had the pleasure of meeting Kimberly during the adoption of my pittie rescue, Teddy P. Bear. During the process, we were asked to bring our 10-year-old, Libby May, for a dog-to-dog interaction at the shelter. Kimberly wanted to be extra thorough in her assessment because of the age difference in the dogs. She spent quite a bit of time guiding us through a gentle and gradual introduction. She even went so far as to take a cell phone video to send to an animal behaviorist just to make sure there were no signs the two animals wouldn’t be a good fit.

Kimberly did our home visit, which lasted over three hours. She inspected our home and property to make sure we were equipped to handle a young bully breed with a lot of energy. She told us what signs to look for that might signify aggression. She also advised us on nutrition, vaccinations, exercise, integrating Teddy to our cats, best places to purchase toys, medications, and training items.

To say she was thorough is an understatement. Since Teddy has become part of our family, so has Kimberly. We are in touch daily ... whether by text, Facebook, or phone calls. She frequently stops by to drop off treats or just to give Libby and Teddy kisses. They both adore her.

I travel several times a year for a few days at time and I can’t wait to plan my next trip just so I can have Kimberly take care of my fur babies. Her love and passion for animals shines through from the moment you meet her. If you want someone to take care of your animals with the same love and commitment you do, Kimberly is the person you need."

-Lauren S. Beichner

"I met Kim during my time volunteering at the Wallingford Animal Control and her absolute love of animals was obvious right from the start! I ended up adopting a dog (Annie), who had been at the shelter for four years, and it was a no-brainer that I would continue to have Kimberly come to spend time with her. The connection that she had with Annie was undeniable so it only made sense for me to trust Annie to Kimberly whenever we needed her.

Kimberly is so trustworthy and caring! Anyone who leaves a pet in her care will feel their fur babies are getting the best of care (and lots of hugs)!"

-Maggie Wojas

"I've had the honor and pleasure of knowing Kimberly since 2011 when I first began caring for her beloved pets. During this time, I've had the opportunity to get to know her well. I can tell you that she is, without a doubt, one of the very best dog and cat moms I have ever met! She takes incredible care of them – from routine wellness checks and yearly dental care for all her critters to caring for her precious dachshunds, Daisy and Bandit, through their battles with cancer. She works tirelessly to give her babies the very best. While the attention she gives her own pets speaks for itself, she also volunteers her time at Wallingford Animal Control helping abandoned dogs and cats find their forever homes. Kimberly is a true animal lover! She has a remarkable ability to read animals and assess their needs so I know your fur baby will be in the best hands when Kim is taking care of them ... and you can rest easy knowing she will treat them like one of her own. I wholeheartedly recommend Kimberly as a pet sitter!"

-Dr. Melissa Moore

"I met Kimberly back in September of 2016. I had just moved into a new apartment and was looking for a cat to adopt. I happened to see that Wallingford Animal Control, where Kim volunteers, had posted a picture on Facebook of a sweet orange cat named Biscuit who really needed a home. I saw this post on a Sunday of a holiday weekend and was worried that by the time the shelter opened on Tuesday, he would be gone. Luckily, I posted on Facebook asking if he was still available and Kim responded! I had Biscuit by Wednesday of that week!

Kimberly was essential with Biscuit’s adoption and transition into his new life, and she made it very easy for both of us! She called me about where to pick him up, what the best cat products were (and where I could get them), and told me I could call or text her if I ever needed anything.

Biscuit has a bladder issue and is on a special diet. I ended up having to rush him to the vet’s office to stay overnight during the first week I had him. Kimberly was there, answering all of my texts and phone calls to give the best advice. I could tell how much she loves Biscuit, and every single animal she comes in contact with.

Kim has also taken care of Biscuit for me on several different occasions. Not only does she take care of him, but she spends time playing with him and sends me pictures/videos/updates all the while! I completely trust Kimberly to take care of Biscuit and I know that he is in good hands. I highly recommend Kimberly to anyone who needs any help with their animals! They will be well taken care of, but also loved."

-Kristin and Biscuit

"Kimberly has been an indispensable part of my team as my surgical assistant for more than 20 years. Her abiding interest and compassion for our patients has carried over to her love, respect and care for her own animals and her dedicated involvement with pet rescue and pet shelters. My choice would always be Kimberly to show respect and devotion for my pets. I could not recommend her more highly.

-Alan J Berkson DDS

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If you're interested in learning more about pet sitting, dog walking, or any other in-home services offered by A Dog's Dilemma, please contact me at 203-687-0987 or complete the form below. I look forward to meeting you and your pet! -Kimberly


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